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Web Design 31 - Your GUARANTEE
Web Design 31 - is committed to offering the best performance, and support we can offer, this is done by offering a unique guarantee, that if you are unhappy with any stage of your web site setup a full reimburment will be given. Now who else offers that kind of commitment, and is that up front. This guarantee is upto the time of sign off, or within 21 days of commission, whichever the sooner.

Web Design 31 - Our security & privacy policy.
All information passed or aquired by the company known as "web design 31" will remain the property of the company and will not under any circumstances be given or sold onto any other company without prior agreement or association with the client. We will endeavour to pursue a professional privacy policy, and are fully committed to offering a secure service.

Web Design 31 - Terms & Conditions of Contract & Names
All domain names will remain the property of Web Design 31 until the contract is fullfilled and all payment is recieved, after which the domain can be transfered to the agreed party for no further costs, if all levels of the verbal/written contract have been honered. Hosting and all direct debits or payments shall continue until the contract has been terminated by either party. After the contract termination the agreement shall still stand until 28 days notice has been given to cancel the agreement.

Web Site copyright agreement.
The website and its construction remain the property of the account once all payments are paid in full, and account is cleared. The afore mentioned website may already be used by other web sites at the discretion of Web Design 31, and may have previously been used on other websites. Details can be obtained prior to sign off, and first agreement notication.



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